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Uploading Content

You can manage the documents, images and videos for your site from the "My Website" section of the admin area by clicking on the relevat icon.
Upload Content Icons

 Uploading Documents and Images
The process for uploading and managing the documents and images for your site is the same, the only difference is the page you choose will limit restrict the type of files you can upload.
To add a new document or image you click on the "Upload a new file" link which will open a new window where you will select the file you want to upload.
New File
You can create folders to store your files in by clicking on the "Create a new folder" link. This will open a new window asking for the folder name, to add files to the folder click on the folder name before you click the "Upload a new file" link.

You can then add the images to or link to documents from any page. See the Plain Text walkthrough for details on how to do this.

Update February 2013: You can now upload multiple documents or images at once. To see how you would do this, view the walkthrough below.

Uploading Videos
You can add videos to your site. Videos should be in flv, .wmv, .avi or .mov format, and must be no bigger than 30mb. Uploading the video is the same as for images and documents. Before the video can be used it will be uploaded by Gateway to a hosting company. This will allow your video to be streamed improving the experience for your users.
To add a video to a page you will need to copy the "Remote URL" from the videos page and paste it into the "Movie Properties" dialog from the textbox.
Adding a Video