Gateway Engage
Standards for Website Development (the seven Cs)

Involve both staff and children/young people when developing/gathering information for the site. The following advice is offered as a basis for planning the content of an educational establishment site.

 The site must be:


1) Correct
Check the information posted on the site is factually correct.

2) Cohesive
Use a consistent house style such as font/colours/line spacing. This makes it easier for the user to use/identify.

3) Concise

Less is more. Don’t populate the site with irrelevant details.
Keep it simple.

4) Current
Update the site regularly.
Archive out of date material. Keep the site fresh.

5) Clear

Give pages a title. This makes them easy to identify.

Keep language and presentation plain and simple. As a variety of people will visit and use the site, avoid jargon and acronyms.

Do not use backgrounds or fonts which make content difficult to read.

6) Careful

Check you have parents’/carers’ permission to include children’s/young people’s work/photographs/input to the site.

Check copyright.

Websites SHOULD NOT include personal details or names of any child or adult in photography, personal e-mail/postal addresses or phone.

7) Collaborate

Collaborate with SMT, staff and children/young people to decide:
Aims and objectives.

How the site will reflect the ethos and values of the establishment.

Accept/reject material. Suitability/appropriateness and quality issues.

Time for development/maintenance of site. Who will update the site? Who will manage the project? Who is responsible?