Gateway Engage

Gateway is responsible for:

  • Provision of a Content Management System which is maintained and hosted for clients.  Secure Access is provided for Authorised Users.
  • The structure and source code of the database and online functions integrated into the CMS are the sole property of Gateway and are purely Gateways responsibility and cannot be copied or published in any format or medium without Gateway’s consent.
  • The arrangement for the initial fee to set up website to be invoiced and subsequent invoices to fall in line with School Sessions.  An annual fee will cover from 1 August -30 June.  These will be invoiced each June.
  • Choice of templates with menus which can be adapted to meet your needs. This is with the exception of Glasgow Schools which have a minimum content standard which is dictated by Glasgow City Council.
  • Provision of a web interface to enable ease in updating sites, including news, links, uploading documents images for Gallery and Video Clips.  Any design and content on the site is purely the responsibility of the Website Administrator as we want to give them control of how their site looks and to make it individual to their requirements..
  • Access to training material. There is also an online walk through once you have logged onto the Content Management System.
  • Individual training courses can be arranged with Edict for Glasgow Schools.
  • Online support which will be responded to timeously.

Gateway have also deployed dedicated staff  as follows:

  • Web Developer to design and  develop CMS
  • Designer to assist with the initial design of the templates
  • Network Manager to ensure secure hosting and access to site
  • Project Manager to liaise with staff and ensure outcomes and deadlines are met.