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Front Page

Your front page can be setup quickly and easily. You can display stories from a news section on your site and the upcoming events from a calendar you have added, these will update automatically as new stories are added and events pass.

The front page is divided into a left and right side. You can add the following types of content to it:

  • Contact Details (automatically displays the contact details for your school)
  • Latest News (Links to News Section)
  • Latest News with Summary (Links to  News  Section with Summary display)
  • Upcoming Events (Links to your site’s Calendar)
  • Text Area (use this to insert an image/photo to the left side of the home page, can be used to add any other content you want to have on your front page)

Managing Front Page
Managing Front Page

  Finished Front Page
Finished Front Page

To see how you would create the front page, view the walkthrough below.