Gateway Engage
Recommended Minimum Content

We recommend that every school website contains the following information and that this detail is regularly reviewed and updated.




Introduction by the Head of Establishment

A brief, clear and simple statement of the aims and objectives of the educational establishment

Establishment Contact Information
Postal address, phone number and e-mail address:

Establishment Roll
Present roll at each stage including any Nursery accommodation

Denominational Status
Roman Catholic/Non-Denominational

Establishment Hours
Start time, interval times and finish time

Establishment Year
Holidays and in-service days

Enrolment Procedures
Who to contact and when

Details of the curriculum which is being taught in the school

Associated schools/nurseries in the community
You could include information on the New Learning Community.

Breakfast Club
Time of Breakfast Club and any activities which are also provided.

After school activities/sports clubs
Days and times of clubs which are provided through the school

Establishment safety
Establishment security/getting to school/road safety